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Modernising the implementation of public policy and public dialogue

The OpenCitiz approach

The OpenCitiz team supports public sector actors in defining, structuring and implementing their innovation policy.

Citizens have become users: "clients" with specific expectations - and this in the context of increasingly constrained public finances. Cities, towns and territories are therefore at a crossroads and must reinvent themselves to meet future challenges and the new demands of their citizens. In this context the need for innovation has become central, as has the co-construction with users and stakeholders.

Innovating in defining and implementing local public policies

OpenCitiz helps you:

to develop a user-centred approach

with proven methodologies.

to question technological choices

in light of the priorities of public policy. Our motto: "the why primes over the how".

to adapt to the specificities of your city

in order to respond to actual needs and avoid the unnecessary duplication of solutions.

to use agile methods

in order to stay as close as possible to the needs of your region.

OpenCitiz' expertise covers multiple aspects of local innovation:

Definition, co-construction and evaluation of public policies
Governance of public innovation
Ecosystem of innovation (incubation, startups...)
Innovative urban projects
Strategies for financing and forging partnerships
Citizen engagement
Banque des Territoires
Expertise France
Terres de confluences
Ile de France Mobilités
Banque des territoires

Banque des territoires

A study on the digital plateforms of public consultation (Civic Tech) intented for local communities

Creating a plateform of data-visualization

The Banque des Territoires's Direction of the Strategy wanted to have a complete panorama of the CivicTech sector. They also needed a diagnosis of the needs of the local administrations. Furthermore, the objective was to publish a guide intented for the local administrations to help them acheive the goal on themselves. 

OpenCitiz led a 3 mounths study composed notably of a sectorial analysis
and a panorama of all the parties involved. The second part was dedicated to writing the guide. 
A map of the local actors was created. 

OpenCitiz Inputs

Methodology - Writing

Expertise France

Assisting the client to write an OpenGov Guide
The guide with the principles of the OpenGov was meant for local Tunisian administrations. OpenCitiz collaborated with Etalab and Expertise France

Expertise France had to implement the internation cooperation project PAGOF which point is to suppot and help local administrations to set up the OpenGov principles ( transparency, open data...). Expertise France then need a guide to explain those principles and incourage local administrations to implement them. 

OpenCitiz worked in collaboration with the Tunisian authorities, led interviews, made field visits, met local actors. 
The final product was the guide that OpenCitiz wrote both in French and Arabic
OpenCitiz Inputs

Project management - Interview technics - writing & editing - translation

Terres de confluences

Assisting the client to the pre-settlement of a health center
Support to the structuration and promotion of a public health center for two towns

Because of medical deserts, medical needs are extremely high and unmet. That's why, on this case, the local administration wished to create a public health center. To do so, the client had to dialogue with local health actors to collaborate.

OpenCitiz then helped the town federation to set up a strategy and identify the key local actors to work with. 
The project required a legal and financial analysis as well as help in project management. 
OpenCitiz Inputs

Expertise on local issues - Place Branding - Understanding of the local administrations - Health needs analysis

Orléans Métropole

Structuring a urban innovation laboratory ("Turb'O") on the Orléans Metropole area
Identify the actors needed for a future partnership. Pre-settlement of the urban innovation laboratory

Orléans Métropole wants to become a smart city in the years to come. The laboratory is a step towards that objective.  In partnership with the major local urban planning actors (EDF, Enedis, Keolis, Veolia, Suez), the Turb’O association wants to lunch a series of prototype projects in Orléans near 2020. 

OpenCitiz provided help in identifying the local actors to work with and the good practices (through a benchmark)
OpenCitiz Inputs

Benchmark - Methodology - network animation

Ile de France Mobilités

Support to set up a opening to competition strategy
Prepare the opening to competition of the region's railroads through a thorough planning and auditioning of potential competitors. Understand the strengths, weaknesses and risks. 

The board of the Ile de France Regional administration voted a call for tenders for 2021. The goal of this first step is to set up a detailled schedule for the next steps towards the opening of the market to competition.

OpenCitiz intervenes in the context of a premilinary study. The firm set up auditionings, candidate analysis, a road map for the next steps and the project management of it all. 
OpenCitiz Inputs

Project management - Expertise on territorial innovation - Knowledge on transport policies - Urban strategies

Banque des territoires

A study on the network of actors
Creation of a data-visualization tool

The goal is to speed up the processes of local innovation and territories transformation. The point here was to identify the territories who showed a great impact on their territory. The study is a database that will help the Banque des Territoires to create links with local actors in the future. 

OpenCitiz collaborated with the firm Innopublica to create a map of the major innovation structures. Thanks to Innopublica's expertise on data, a collaborative tool was created to visualize the data collected.
OpenCitiz Inputs

Comparison methodology - Expertise on urban stakes

OpenCitiz, experts en politique territoriale
In the context of digital transformation, local authorities also need to change and adapt rapidly.

OpenCitiz was born out of the conviction that digital transformation has a strong impact on the definition and the implementation of public policies at the local level.

The specificities of the OpenCitiz approach

An user-centric approach
Prioritising the taking into account of local public policy objectives
Teams which take into account and adapt to the specificites of every city, region, territory they work with
A team with international experiences, allowing for an approach based on international best practices

They trust OpenCitiz

Banque des Territoires
Expertise France
Métropole Aix Marseille Provence
Grand Lyon, la métropole


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