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Modernising the implementation of public policy and public dialogue

The OpenCitiz approach

The OpenCitiz team supports public sector actors in defining, structuring and implementing their innovation policy.

Citizens have become users: "clients" with specific expectations - and this in the context of increasingly constrained public finances. Cities, towns and territories are therefore at a crossroads and must reinvent themselves to meet future challenges and the new demands of their citizens. In this context the need for innovation has become central, as has the co-construction with users and stakeholders.

Innovating in defining and implementing local public policies

OpenCitiz helps you:

to develop a user-centred approach

with proven methodologies.

to question technological choices

in light of the priorities of public policy. Our motto: "the why primes over the how".

to adapt to the specificities of your city

in order to respond to actual needs and avoid the unnecessary duplication of solutions.

to use agile methods

in order to stay as close as possible to the needs of your region.

OpenCitiz' expertise covers multiple aspects of local innovation:

Definition, co-construction and evaluation of public policies
Governance of public innovation
Ecosystem of innovation (incubation, startups...)
Innovative urban projects
Strategies for financing and forging partnerships
Citizen engagement

Examples of client work

Civic Tech

Study and guide on Civic Tech
Study and guide on Civic Tech
A guide on digital tools for citizen participation destined at local authorities

The French public investment bank "Caisse des dépôts" needed a thorough analysis of the Civic Tech sector in France and an assessment of the needs of local authorities. Further, it wanted to inform local authorities about existing Civic Tech solutions.

Completion of a study consisting of 1) an analysis of the Civic Tech sector and its stakeholders across France and 2) a study of the needs of local authorities. Additionally, a user-friendly guide, including a mapping of actors, was also edited and printed.

Sector expertise, the use of methodologies dedicated to understand and analyse the needs of cities and users, drafting skills


Guide on the principles of OpenGovernment
Guide on the principles of OpenGovernment destined at local authorities in Tunisia
in cooperation with Expertise France and Etalab:

State of play and analysis of the implementation of the principles of Open Government and new digital uses in Tunisian municipalities.

In cooperation with Etalab, Expertise France and the Tunisian teams: structuring and framing of the project, conducting field interviews with local stakeholders and municipalities in Tunisia and drafting a guide in both French and Arabic.

Project management, conducting qualitative interviews, drafting the guide and translating it into Arabic

Terres des confluences
(a group of communes in France)

Prevent the medical desertification in the region
Medical desertification
Support in the structuring and promotion of a Public Health Center for the communes of Saint-Porquier and the city of Ville Dieu du Temple

Facing medical desertification, the two municipalities want to push a project to create of public health center on their territory. For this, the cities need to structure their project and identify and convince the key players who will guarantee the success of it.

OpenCitiz helped to structure the project and identify the local and national stakeholders relevant to its development and implementation. With its expertise in territorial project management, the OpenCitiz team also helped the communes with the financial and legal aspects of their  project. 

Project management, understanding of stakeholders and how to communicate with them, user-centric approach to understand the needs of the region's citizens and healthcare professionals


Strategic consulting on the definition of the "Strategic Development Plan 2018 - 2050" for the Municipality of M'Saken in Tunisia
Definition of a local strategy

The city of M'Saken needed a vision for its long-term development in aiming to transform itself into a modern, secure, state-of-the-art city. It wants to mobilise its citizens, to federate and involve them to contribute to the project as well as obtain political and financial support from donors and structure the expansion of the city.

Diagnosis of the current situation and preparation of a public conference for political and financial support (national and international donors). Identification of challenges, proposal of a strategic global vision and definition of the next actions.

Understanding of political and economic issues in Tunisia; experience in the use of digital services at local level; project management; experience with implementing digital governance.

Public innovation

Support for the establishment of a public innovation laboratory
Prefiguration of a public innovation laboratory
Support for the identification and commitment of potential partners and prefiguration of the future public innovation laboratory

The Metropolis of Orleans wanted to set up a public innovation laboratory regrouping the public and private partners of its territory to favor the creation of new services.

Supporting Orléans in the identification of good practices (benchmark) and the commitment of partners in the prefiguration of the laboratory

benchmark; methodology; organisation of interactions wit the broader ecosystem
OpenCitiz, experts en politique territoriale
In the context of digital transformation, local authorities also need to change and adapt rapidly.

OpenCitiz was born out of the conviction that digital transformation has a strong impact on the definition and the implementation of public policies at the local level.

The specificities of the OpenCitiz approach

An user-centric approach
Prioritising the taking into account of local public policy objectives
Teams which take into account and adapt to the specificites of every city, region, territory they work with
A team with international experiences, allowing for an approach based on international best practices

They trust OpenCitiz

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