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Understand and anticipate the impact of politics in Europe

Helping you navigate political risk in Europe

Political risk analysis

High-quality and custom research based on on-the-ground, digital and print analysis of political, economic and governmental developments in western European countries and the region in the world.
Example of client work
Political risk analysis of potential Brexit scenarios for an investment fund based in the US

Understand and anticipate the potential impact of different Brexit scenarios on key sectors relevant to the fund's investment activities.

Regular, written analysis and phone calls on on-going developments concerning Brexit  tailored and to the client's specific activities. In-person briefing to the teams based in New York.

Based in Europe, our experts have been following national and EU politics for years and are specialised in analysing and predicting developments directly relevant to financial market clients.

Strategic intelligence

Strategic and regular monitoring of specific political or legislative developements in a sector of particular interest to you.
Example of client work
Strategic monitoring of political and policy developments in France and Germany regarding the European aeronautical and automobile sectors for an international corporation.

Follow legislative and political developments which could impact the investments of the corporation in the French and German aeronautical and automobile sectors.

Weekly written briefing summarising the developments which could have a direct impact on the client's company and its investments.

Knowledge and regular monitoring of political and policy activity combined with an expertise in predicting the potential relevance of developments and the importance of their impact.

Market studies

Market studies to enable your company to understand and ancticipate the economic, political and legislative environment of the country in which you wish to do business.
Example of client work
Market studies of key European markets to support the internationalisation strategy of a French SME

A French SME was looking into the options of international expansion and was seeking to understand the policy environment (labour market, regulation for its products...) for its activities in key European markets.

Three market studies on selected countries, including analysis on
1) the political and economic environment
2) regulation of the labour market
3) the process of opening a local branch

Understanding of the political and policy dimension and its impact on the local economy and hence a market entry for a foreign business. Prediction of future issues to affect the economy and enabling of strategic decision-making.

Thought leadership

Position yourself as the informed go-to partner on a topic of relevance to your audience. Thought leadership pieces enable executives and their teams to provide unique and innovative insights to key stakeholders. 
Example of client work
Helping an American tech company to position itself on personal data protection in Europe

Position itself on data protection and GDPR in Europe in front of its own clients

Intervention as a speaker, expert on data protection in Europe, in front of the company's client during a corporate event. Publication of a thought leadership piece on data protection in the company's internal magazine.

Deep knowledge of the issue of data protection and GDPR, public speaking and drafting skills

Executive briefings

Actionable and forward-looking analysis and insights delivered in the format best fit to your business needs and tailored to executives with limited time to follow and understand the details that matter.
Example of client work 
Briefing for the CEO of an international consulting firm ahead of his meeting with the French president

Prepare the meeting on French competitiveness held with the French president.

Short, executive briefing for the CEO on the political and economic context in France and the aims of the president who is organising the meeting with industry.

Deep knowledge of the current political and economic environement relevant to international corporates, of the priorities of the presidency; ability to draft to-the-point, executive briefings for decision-makers.

Political Risk Index

A specifically developped index to quantify and map political risk in Europe. The index is updated monthly and covers the political, economic and investment environment of European countries.
Example of client work 
Quantification of political risk: Integration of European political risk in the form of data by an investment fund specialised in big data.

Quantify political risk in Europe in order to integrate it in its database.

A specifically developped index for European, developped economies which is based on political, economic and financial and business risk, updated every month to reflect changes.

Unique, developped market specialised, European political risk index developped by OpenCitiz.
We provide you with political intelligence in order to allow you to manage political risk.

The added value of understanding and anticipating political risk:
Understanding the increasingly complex political dynamics is crucial in order to be able to anticipate their impact on the business environment.

OpenCitiz helps its clients understand, anticipate and act on political risk stemming from both the national as well as the European Union level.

The added value of OpenCitiz

First and only political risk consultancy specialised in Europe
Experts in European Affairs and political economy
Local, European contacts
Political Risk Index ©OpenCitiz

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