Given the complexity and fast-changing nature of these decisions, businesses need expert advice in order to understand, follow and analyse the impact on their business and the regulatory environment they operate in.

We help our clients with

High quality analysis and insights on the business impact of political, economic and governmental developments
Custom and on the ground research and reports tailored to your business needs
Advice and guidance to make the most out of the resulting risks and opportunities
Actionable, clear and predictive briefings tailored to executives with limited time to follow political developments

Enabling them to

We offer

Tailored guidance

Tailored guidance on how to capitalise upon the analytical conclusions

Custom research

High-quality and custom research based on on-the-ground, digital and print analysis of political, economic and governmental developments in western Europe

Format adapted to needs

Research delivered in the format best fit to your business needs: Regular or one-off projects, written or in-person briefings, newsletters

Thought leadership

To enable our clients to provide unique and innovative insights to key stakeholders and position themselves as thought leaders on a topic of relevance to their audience. Thought leadership will allow them to foster strong relationships and establish themselves as the go-to partner on a given issue.

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Unique insights thanks to

The high-level profiles of our analysts

– Graduates from prestigious universities in multiple countries with an academic background in political sciences, political economy and European Affairs

– Global citizens which have lived and worked in several countries and speak multiple languages

– Professionals with international and high-level networks as well as practical knowledge of the functioning of political institutions

Our diversity of primary and secondary sources

– On-the-ground research based on a network of well-placed, high value-add public figures which can provide actionable intelligence

– Digital and print research, monitoring and interpretation of local and international media and news

Our managing team

Famke Krumbmüller
Partner & Head of Political Intelligence

Fanny Brûlebois
Partner and Head of Business Development

James Karuttykaran

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